What is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma?   Leave a comment

I realize I’m writing this blog to discuss the possible causes of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but if you stumble upon this page you may not even know what the disease is. So in short, I’ve taken a short excerpt from the City of Hope that will hopefully explain it briefly:

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas are a diverse group of cancers, each with different characteristics of the cancerous cells and prognosis. Each type is diagnosed and treated differently. Generally, these lymphomas are divided into those that arise from the B cells in a lymph node (antibody producing cells) and those that originate in T cells (an important cell in the immune system for fighting viruses). Lymphomas can also derive from NK (natural killer) cells and can be present in many different locations, most commonly in the lymph nodes. Because non-Hodgkin lymphoma is actually a cluster of related diseases with about 30 subtypes, Lu plans to further examine how paternal age and other health factors during the early years of life influence risk for specific disease subtypes.


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