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I read an interesting article about activists calling attention to cancer-causing agents in our food chain.

These activists, who are part of cancer-awareness groups, have been calling on our government to do something about carcinogens in our food supply. They say the federal government has all the information it needs, which is information on the subject of POPs, AKA persistent organic pollutants, to know that these things cause cancer and are in our diets but can be prevented with proper action.

Research and data has been gathered since around the 1930’s that proves PCBs are in our food chain and still nothing has been done about it.

Dr. David O. Carpenter, the Director of University of Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment, says most of the contaminants are contained in animal fat: “Cancer kills more Americans than any other disease except heart disease. Most cancers are caused by some environmental exposure. But many of the chemicals that cause cancer, and are present in our food, also cause heart disease. Consequently, it is extremely important that we get chemical carcinogens out of our food supply. The chemicals of greatest concern include fat soluble substances like dioxins and PCBs, which are found in all animal fats, as well as pesticides that are found as residues of vegetables and fruits. The recycling of waste animal fat into animal feed is one particular pathway for contamination of animal products that must be stopped. In order to reduce the risk of development of cancer (as well as heart and many other diseases) we need to change the way that agriculture uses chemicals both on crops and in animal foods.”


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