Location and cancer-causing foods that contain PCBs   3 comments

I’m reading a book called Life’s Delicate Balance by Dr. Janette Sherman, which addresses the problem of breast cancer on Long Island, New York. The author is from Buffalo, NY and has family connections in the state. She has this to say about the connection between location, the food we consume, and cancer:

“Location, location says the realtors. We, tracking the cancer epidemic, say the same thing. Nowhere in the world is cancer randomly distributed and N. Y. State is no exception. When we look at the areas with the highest cancer rates and consider the predominant industries, the dumpsites, water sources, and the up-wind sources of pollution, one can often hone-in on likely causes of disease, including cancer.”

Sherman goes on to say that individuals who live near the Hudson River have a high count of PCBs in their blood. This is due to manufacturing plants and Nuclear Power Reactors dumping waste into the river years ago, in addition to pesticides, which plays a major part in PCB contamination. The pollutants from pesticides make their way to pastures and farmland, which is how they get into the food chain.

What do you think we can do to stop all this from happening? Petition the government? Hold protests? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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3 responses to “Location and cancer-causing foods that contain PCBs

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  1. I’m reading this book too. Makes me outraged.

    Nathan McMurray
  2. I gotta get my hands on this book. Where did you buy it?

  3. yeah i’ve read stuff like this a lot lately

    Terry Beckworth

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