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As an activist myself, I agree with my fellow non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma activists that chemical and food corporations have a huge influence on the federal government. Something neat that’s going on is that Cancer Action NY is starting to advocate for federal and state legislation that will “delegate responsibility for review of scientific literature, production of exposure reduction public health messages, and conduct of public educational outreach to the New York State Department of Health and the other states’ health departments.”

The Director of Cancer Action NY and Cancer Action Network, Donald Hassiq, says, “Once federal legislation has been created, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences should assume responsibility for the first two tasks listed above. It is clear that county governments make the strongest government partners in providing Americans with scientific knowledge that directs cancer preventive actions.”


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4 responses to “Activists getting involved

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  1. Cancer Action NY is such a great organization

  2. if certain foods cause cancer, then something SHOULD be done about it

    Jessica Seguro
  3. This is a great post. Keep up with the good work

    Matthew Hankins
  4. Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma is the worst. I had it for several years and beat it. Thanks for spreading awareness.

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