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To understand what lymphoma is, it helps to know about the body’s lymph system.

The lymph system (also known as the lymphatic system) is composed mainly of lymphoid tissue, lymph vessels, and a clear fluid called lymph. Lymphoid tissue is made up of several types of immune system cells that work together to help the body fight infections. Lymphoid tissue is found in many places throughout the body (described below).


Most of the cells in lymphoid tissue are lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. The 2 main types of lymphocytes are B lymphocytes (B cells) and T lymphocytes (T cells). Both types can develop into lymphoma cells, but B-cell lymphomas are much more common than T-cell lymphomas in the United States. Normal T cells and B cells do different jobs within the immune system.

B lymphocytes: B cells normally help protect the body against germs (bacteria or viruses) by making proteins called antibodies. The antibodies attach to the bacteria or viruses and attract other immune system cells that surround and digest the antibody-coated germs. Antibodies also attract certain blood proteins that can kill bacteria.

T lymphocytes: There are several types of T cells, each with a specialized job. Some T cells help protect the body against viruses, fungi, and some bacteria. For example, they recognize specific substances found in virus-infected cells and destroy these cells. T cells can also release substances called cytokines that attract certain other types of white blood cells, which then digest the infected cells. T cells are also thought to destroy some types of cancer cells. Some types of T cells play a role in either boosting or slowing the activity of other immune system cells.

Different types of lymphoma can develop from these different types of lymphocytes. Treatment for each lymphoma depends on which type it is, so determining the exact type of lymphoma is important.


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  1. very informative post, lady! keep em comin please

  2. All of your posts are so helpful. Thank u

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