Interesting cancer law suit involving PCBs   3 comments

Thanks to both Jenny and Nate for posting…

Cerro, Pharmacia named in another suit over Sauget pollution
From The Madison St. Clair Record last week:

Another Illinois resident whose relative died after being exposed to hazardous substances near Sauget has filed a lawsuit over the release of those substances.

Wanda Hurtt filed a lawsuit June 18 against Cerro Flow Products, Inc., Pharmacia Corporation, Solutia, Inc., Pfizer and Monsanto AG Products.

As a result of her exposure to the PCBs, the recently deceased Annie Pearl Able developed cancer and died, according to the complaint.

“According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a lifetime dose of one milligram of PCBs is sufficient to cause cancer and other serious and life-threatening diseases,” the suit states. “According to the World Health Organization, there is not a safe level of exposure to PCBs.”

Not only are the PCBs dangerous to humans, but they also are hazardous to the environment, the suit states.

The releases began after the W.G. Krummrich Plant, which is also referred to as the Monsanto Facility in the complaint, began producing, storing and disposing PCBs at its facility, Hurtt claims.

In fact, “more PCBs were produced at the Monsanto Facility than at any other site in the United States, and perhaps even the free world,” the suit states.

“To this day, one or more of the Monsanto Defendants and their consultants are actively engaged in a campaign of deception to mislead the residents and real property owners of communities adjacent to the Release Sites, including the Plaintiffs, into believing that the Substances do not present, and have never presented, any threat to the residents or to the real property of those adjacent communities,” the complaint says.


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3 responses to “Interesting cancer law suit involving PCBs

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  1. Good thing someone’s taking action against the cancer-causing people.

  2. Thanks for the repost! Lucy has been having fun reading your blog, Mary.

  3. Good thing you, me and Jenny are so into this information. We gotta spread this stuff around so more people find out about it.

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