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Here is some information from the Committee on Carcinogenicity on Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and The Environment on how non-Hodgkin’s Lypmhoma is affecting people in the UK.


COC/09/S1 – January 2009


1. Malignant tumours of the lymphoid system, lymphoma, are divided into two major groups: Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). NHL is not a single disease but a mixture of disease entities. There are several schemes that have been used to characterise the disease. The majority of NHLs are of B lymphocyte origin, arising in lymph nodes. Treatment and prognosis depend on subtype.

2. NHL is the seventh most common cancer in men and the sixth most
common cancer in women in the UK (CRUK, 2007). NHL is also the third
most common cancer of childhood (Shukla & Trippett, 2006). Around 8,450 new cases of NHL are diagnosed each year in the UK (LRF, 2005). In 2005, NHL was reported to be the ninth largest cause of death from cancer in the UK (2005 data), with 4,451 deaths, accounting for around 3% of cancer deaths in males and females. Around 74% of these deaths are in people aged over 65 years (CRUK, 2007).

3. Cancer statistics indicate that the incidence of NHL has increased
since the 1970s. The Committee was asked to advise on whether there were any chemical exposures which might account for the increase in incidence. It considered a discussion paper
(http://www.advisorybodies.doh.gov.uk/pdfs/cc0707.pdf) prepared by the DH Toxicology Unit (Imperial College London) at its July 2007 meeting, which reviewed the scientific literature since 1 January 1997 on NHL and certain occupations and chemical risk factors.



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