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Cancer is terrible experience, and its victims endure a long, hard road to recovery that inevitably involves both emotional and physical strain. Community support and a strong social network have been shown to be key factors in helping people overcome malignancies. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society operate according to this principle, serving blood cancer patients across the nation. In addition to funding research, the LLS hosts support groups, plans educational outreach and assists cancer patients with medical expenses.

The LLS also believes that cancer patients should not undergo their treatments alone. The LLS First Connection program places “newly diagnosed blood cancer patients with those who have been battling the disease for some time, matching them up by age range and gender, to ensure that new patients don’t have to battle the disease on their own” (-The Western Edition).

Today, I want to share the inspirational story of Zach Thoma. He was diagnosed with NHL when he was only four years old. The LLS coached Zach through his chemo, and provided and support network for him. After five rounds of chemo, Zach had recovered and his parents cite the LLS as playing a major role in this success. To read more about this amazing story, click here.

The LLS is primarily funded through private donations, and is expected to contribute over $61 million to research this year alone. To learn more about contributing to this great institution, click here.



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