Cutting the PCBs out of your Diet   Leave a comment

PCBs bioaccumulate up the food chain. One reason they can persist for so long in a living organism is that they are storied in adipose tissue, or fat. So, one way to avoid consuming PCBs is to cut fat off of the meat you purchase. This is especially critical for fish, and other fatty seafood.

For the avid fishers out there, it’s important that you know how to properly trim fat off of your catch. This is especially true if you are fishing in small, local waterways that may have contamination or dumping issues. The science teacher in me can’t help but include a diagram to help illustrate the point:

Clean Fish from

Another helpful hint is to steer towards eating younger, smaller fish, as they have had less time to accumulate PCBs in their bodies.

While these are certainly not fail-safe methods for avoiding PCB consumption, they are small steps that can help preserve your health in the long run.


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