Paraguay President Diagnosed with NHL   Leave a comment

Fernando LugoParaguayan President Fernando Lugo was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in early August. Lugo is 59 years old, and receiving chemotherapy. Although his cancer is in its more advanced stages, doctors remain optimistic that he will recover. He has been handling his treatments well, and is expected to continue out his term as president. To read more about Lugo’s story, click here.

Aside from his battle with cancer, Lugo’s political life reads like a soap opera. Before becoming the President of Paraguay, he was a Roman Catholic Bishop. Since he was not married, Lugo named his sister Mercedes as the First Lady of Paraguay when he became president. However, in 2009, Viviana Carrillo filed a paternity suit against Lugo; it was revealed that Lugo was the biological father and had helped conceive the child while still under his vow of chastity with the church. Since then, two other women have come forward to sue the president over paternity suits.


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