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Circuit Court Judge Joel Laird will be running for re-election on November 2 in Anniston, Alabama. For those of you who are regular followers of this blog, you will recall that Anniston was home to a Monsanto plant for years, where PCBs were manufactured and dumped into the local environment. (Click here to review the story of Anniston.)

Anniston resident protests Judge LairdDuring Laird’s public announcement of his candidacy, however, people seemed less interested in his future plans and more eager to discuss allegations of corruption in City Hall under his ruling. In 2003, Laird mediated the settlement between Monsanto and the suffering victims in Anniston. The funds have not found their way to the people affected by the plant’s pollution, and citizens are holding Laird accountable.

Laird has also dodged three subpoenas to investigate illegal activities in City Hall, and is currently fighting a fourth. Laird contends that he is clear of any wrong doing, but I suppose the people of Anniston will get to decide for themselves on November 2.


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