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PCBs are endocrine disrupting chemicals that act by imitating female hormones and upset normal hormonal functioning. New evidence suggests that PCBs not only imitate estrogen, but also block testosterone production. The result is a lowering of testosterone levels in males, which in turn can impair sperm production, among other regulatory activities.

Member of the Mohawk NationThe study sample consisted of the Mohawk tribe on the Akwesasne territory, located on the New York – Canadian border. In this region, waterways are contaminated with pollutants, namely PCBs. The cause of this contamination is the three aluminum foundries located immediately upstream, which used PCBs before their ban in the late 1970s. The toxicity level there is so high that it has been labeled as “one of 43 toxic hotspots identified in a water-quality pact between the United States and Canada.”

The native Mohawk tribe has been encouraged to wane off of their traditional fish-based diet. Without the ability to move their tribe to a cleaner territory, newer generations are turning to processed foods and diabetes has become a major concern among the community. Now perhaps fertility will also become an issue for the Mohawk.

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