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BlackwaterWe’ve heard quite a lot on Monsanto and their connection to the history of PCBs this week. Now, a recent article from Digital Journal claims that Monsanto has enlisted the private mercenary army Blackwater to assist them in infiltrating anti-GMO groups.

While a Monsanto spokesperson initially denied working with Blackwater, documents show that “Monsanto paid Blackwater’s subsidiary, Total Intelligence a total of $232,000 for intelligence services provided in 2008 and 2009″ (Digital Journal, September 17 2010). The spokesperson later admitted that Monsanto was working with Total Intelligence, but maintained that Total Intelligence was completely separate from Blackwater.

So what is Monsanto doing with all of this expensive intelligence? It’s hard to say, as Monsanto is remaining quiet on the subject. However, it is clear that they have a vested interest in monitoring activist groups that stand against their products. According to blogger Rady Ananda, “Monsanto, by hiring a mercenary army and former CIA field agents, is deadly serious about protecting its deadly products. Yet, this contract further discredits the company” (Food Freedom, September 16 2010).


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