Elementary School Needs Financial Assistance to Complete PCB Cleanup   Leave a comment

One month ago, Estabrook Elementary School closed down for three days
to allow PCB cleanup in the building. (Click here to return to the original story.) After the
remediation efforts were completed, the building was retested for PCB
concentrations. Those results have just been announced:

According to EPA guidelines, PCB levels must measure no
higher than 300 nanograms per meter cubed (ng/m3) in classrooms for
grades 1-6. The EPA guideline for kindergarten classrooms is 100

The latest round of air testing showed PCB levels in all classrooms at
Estabrook are currently below 200 ng/m3, but some kindergarten
classrooms are still above the 100 ng/m3 threshold. The highest
measured air sample in a kindergarten room was 189 ng/m3, which is
down significantly from initial tests in July that tested as high as
1,800 ng/m3. (Wicked Local Lexington)

The results aren’t perfect, but they are a definite improvement. The
elementary school is implementing a four-phase plan to further reduce PCB
concentrations in the classrooms. This plan involves replacing ceiling
tiles and encapsulating exterior caulk, but it’s not going to be
cheap. The expected price tag will be nearly $750,000. So far, the
school only has a small fraction of that amount, and will be seeking
assistance from local committees to help with the rest. Click here
to read more.


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