Where have all the clean fish gone?   1 comment

Fishing off pierThis week, the Texas Department of Health Services (TDHS ) announced that fish in the Dallas-area Mountain Creek Lake contain elevated levels of dioxins and PCBs. The TDHS is discouraging citizens from eating seafood caught in this lake. This message echoes recent national warnings against eating fish from the Great Lakes region.

More and more frequently, we are uncovering PCB contamination in waterways and cutting off citizens from their local food resources. Inevitably, we are pushing people away from being self-sufficient and into the hands of the big-time market suppliers. In this respect, keeping local waterways clean is not just about environmental health, but also about preserving independence from the corporate food chain.

It will be a sad day when we can no longer safely go down to the river to catch dinner. Unfortunately, it looks like that day may already be upon us.


Posted October 8, 2010 by lymphomactivist in Uncategorized

One response to “Where have all the clean fish gone?

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I think that we sometimes forget the importance of being self-reliant for our basic needs. Going to the grocery store to buy products manufactured from one of five major conglomerates is not the way we should be consuming food. The more polluted our local resources become, however, the more this will become reality.

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