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A strong sense of community and interpersonal support are crucial factors in the fight against cancer. Regardless of what type of cancer you have, identifying those relationships that will carry you through is imperative. This is precisely the idea that the Cancer Support Community was founded on.

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community offers a variety of services, including an array of online forums, advice for newcomers and information regarding care for cancer patients. You can also locate local support groups on their Local Communities page.

When 70-year-old Jane Fretz was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma over five years ago, she turned to the Cancer Support Community. According to the Osceola Sentinel-Tribune,

Fretz felt immediate ease when she went to her first meeting. There were people there going through the same experience as her, and they were bonding over their condition. Fretz soon learned firsthand that one of the CSC’s goals was to provide people dealing with cancer resources and programs designed to help patients and their families navigate through this moment in time.

Fretz’s NHL is now in remission and the CSC has become a staple of her life. To read more about her story, click here.


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