Italy Rejects GMOs   1 comment

Flag of ItalyItaly’s regional farming authorities don’t want GMOs in their country, according to an article in Reuters. They recently decided to collectively push the agriculture minister to ban cultivation of genetically modified maize and potatoes.

In contrast to America, Italy’s public opinion of GMO’s is fiercely negative. People there generally view GMOs as less healthy, and don’t want them making their way into to the markets. This ban would specifically target two Monsanto products: MON 810 maize and BASF’s BASF.DE Amflora potato (Reuters).

It’s interesting to see entire countries banning against Monsanto, and with news like this, I hope it’s only a matter of time until American public opinion wakes up to the reality of Monsanto’s products.


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One response to “Italy Rejects GMOs

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  1. Wow, what a word of difference. I don’t think most people in the US have a sense of what GM crops are or how often they consume them…

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