The Truth Revealed on Monsanto’s Roundup   1 comment

For years, Monsanto has marketed their herbicide Roundup alongside their GM seeds. They’ve insisted that Roundup is safe, and they’ve been very successful at integrating this product into international farming communities. Now, however, scientists are confirming our worst fears, and Roundup has been linked to a host of serious health problems, including “human cell death, birth defects, cancer and miscarriages” (Australian Food News). Furthermore, “glyphosate, the main active ingredient in Roundup causes malformations in frog and chicken embryos at doses far lower than those used in agricultural spraying and well below maximum residue levels in products presently approved in the European Union” (Food Freedom).

Herbicide spray

A National Police OV-10 plane sprays herbicides over a coca field in Colombia.

These findings are the result of Professor Andrés Carrasco’s multinational scientific team of researchers. Carrasco is the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School. In his home country of Argentina, widespread spraying of Roundup began in 2000. Two years later, reports of severe birth defects became rampant. Carrasco believes that his research suggests a link between Roundup and these birth defects, stating “the findings in the lab are compatible with malformations observed in humans exposed to glyphosate during pregnancy” (Food Freedom).

This is the terrifying truth we’ve suspected all along, and now our worst fears have come true. These findings are not coming out of one institution, but from a collective of scientists from the UK, Brazil, US and Argentina. With undeniable research such as this, Roundup should cease to be used today. The fate of future generations depends on it.


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  1. Ah! This sounds like a terrible horror movie… But it’s real!?

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