Father fights for student’s medical rights on behalf of his little girl   2 comments

Melissa LeechIan Leech was a proud father when his daughter Melissa was accepted into UK-based Aston University. Mel decided to study psychology, but her studies were interrupted when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Mel was denied health benefits and, “told she would have to either draw on her student loan to support herself or quit her psychology degree” (Burton Mail). At the age of 20, Mel passed away and her father was determined to change the laws regarding student health care.

According to the Burton Mail,

After a two and a half year campaign, the changes have finally been approved by ministers and will become law on Monday, November 1, meaning students who fall long-term sick will, unlike Melissa, be entitled to employment and support allowance (ESA), the successor to income support.

In the wake of devastating events, Ian fought to ensure that no families suffer the same fate as his. Thanks to his efforts, students will be protected from some of the financial hardships that accompany serious illness. Congratulations, Ian!


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2 responses to “Father fights for student’s medical rights on behalf of his little girl

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  1. The time while studying in school can be vulnerable if insurance issues are lurking in the background. I don’t think any students should have to spend time worried about developing a disease that wouldn’t be covered, and instead should be able to fully embrace their studies… Good job Ian!

  2. Man, most college kids I know are stressed out of their minds as it is dealing with exams and papers. Stress is a major risk factor for developing many diseases, so perhaps college is an especially sensitive time for young people’s health. We should be taking vitamins alongside all those coffees and red bulls during all night cram sessions…

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