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Environmental contamination of PCBs can only be addressed if we have the means to properly and efficiently analyze PCB concentrations. This has been an especially complex challenge given that 209 different congeners, or forms, of the chemical are in existence. Environmental testing laboratories typically use methods that “are labor intensive, use large amounts of solvents, and require contaminate free glassware” according to Horizon Technology.

Horizon TechnologyHorizon Technology, however, has recently produced the SPE-DEX® 4790 which they believe is the solution to environmental agencies’ need to “increase sample throughput, shorten sample turnaround times, achieve reproducible results, and provide lower detection limits.” This instrument utilizes solid phase extraction as opposed to “the more traditional methodologies of separatory funnel shaking and continuous liquid-liquid extraction (CLLE)” (Horizon Technology). This tool uses substantially less solvent than previously needed for testing, and analysis can be completed in under five minutes. Furthermore, all 209 congeners are detectable with the SPE-DEX® 4790. To read more about this product, click here.


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