The High Cost of Reactionary Regulation   Leave a comment

Michigan school building set for demolition

Michigan school building set for demolition

An abandoned school building in Michigan is contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and asbestos. The county is spending $250,000 to demolish the unusable, toxic structure (The Upper Michigan Source). The Great Lakes Legacy Act and the state of Indiana are spending $33 million to remove PCBs, pesticides and other pollutants from short stretches of the Grand Calumet River (Post Tribune). These are the unsightly costs that accompany reactionary regulation.

When our policy-makers subscribe to reactionary regulation, they are allowing for a great deal of potential cleanup work down the road. This is precisely the situation we are seeing in small communities across America. And who is able to afford these high costs? Most small towns do not have the resources to handle such pricey remediation efforts.

The solution to this problem is precautionary regulation. If our government would keep uncertain chemicals out of the market until we have a better grasp on their effects, many of these messes could be avoided to begin with, saving millions of dollars in the long run.


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