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It’s interesting reading about the fight between the EPA and the New York City school district. Leaving politics and budgets aside, the single biggest reason there is even debate over this issue is due to the fact that people are relatively ignorant of the dangers of PCBs. Everybody knows asbestos is bad for you, but PCBs don’t register in the minds of the majority of people as a daily hazard.
And make no mistake, it is a daily hazard. According to the EPA, PCBs have been used in:
“…some wool felt insulating materials, plastics, paint formulations, small rubber parts, adhesive tape, insulating materials used in electrical cabling, fluorescent light ballast potting materials, gaskets in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and other duct systems, caulking, coatings for ceiling tiles, flooring and floor wax/sealants, roofing and siding materials, adhesives, waterproofing compounds, anti-fouling compounds, fire retardant coatings, coal-tar enamel coatings for steel water pipe and underground storage tanks …and any number of other chemicals uses such as additives and plasticizers.”
Of these, “The EPA only requires testing of old paints, caulks, and similar materials only for lead, even though the EPA knows these products are just as likely to contain PCBs.”
So next up on this blog: a history of PCBs. Stay tuned!


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