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Continuing on the topic of mothers and PCBs, I came across an article of interest about breast feeding. A new study out of Norway has determined that levels of environmental contaminants in breast milk drop significantly after a year of lactation.

“The study shows that the levels of almost all compounds in milk decrease with time, and are reduced by 15-94 per cent within a year of lactation.” The types of contaminants include PCBs, which are a possible cause of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Apparently there has been very little study of this topic until recently, and came about due to a concern that some mothers have over whether breast feeding might pass on environmental toxins to their children. One such study published December, 2008 in Parents,” suggested the benefit to infants outweighed the risks, saying evidence did not support “altering the World Health Organization recommendations promoting and supporting breastfeeding.”


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