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Many of us assume that the probability of a woman having either a boy or a girl is 50/50, but empirical evidence suggests that this is not actually the case. There are actually roughly 105 boys born for every 100 girls. Since the 1950s the SSR ratio has declined, i.e. we’ve gotten closer to 50/50. Studies trying to determine the causes of this decline are inconclusive, but there is some speculation that the decrease in SSR can be explained by various environmental contaminants. Nevertheless there are studies that show PCB and mercury contamination correlating to a decrease in the SSR. Similar studies have also shown higher levels of cancer corresponding to lower SSR levels and so we can see the pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Nevertheless, it seems peculiar that an off-balanced SSR would be optimal for the overall population’s health.


Posted March 27, 2011 by lymphomactivist in Uncategorized

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