Australian scientists fight budget cuts   Leave a comment

Scientists in Australia are rallying against a $400 million budget cut to medical research. Clearly scientists believe the government should be diverting more rather than fewer dollars to medical research because medical research has some of the clearest immediate benefits to the public. Scientists noted that in 1964 childhood non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was roughly 100 percent fatal; today nearly 80 percent of childhood NHL is cured. They argue that cutting funding won’t allow remarkable progress such as this to continue to occur. Professor Licino, a noted medical researcher, published newspaper advertisements detailing his sisters battle with NHL to attempt to rile support in the public eye. It is clear that vigilance is a must to ensure that scientific advancements keep coming and that individuals are not forced to suffer from diseases that can be cured. The only way to ensure an increasing quality of life is to continue funding medical research, no matter what the economic conditions may be.


Posted April 25, 2011 by lymphomactivist in Uncategorized

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