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A few days ago we discussed the case of Kristin LaBrie, a single mother who was found guilty of attempted murder for withholding chemotherapy drugs from her son who suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. LaBrie received a sentence of eight to ten years while the maximum sentence for all her charges was up to 37.5 years. Many have voiced their sympathy for LaBrie and believe these charges to be quite harsh. LaBrie’s sister Elizabeth claimed the jury was unable to understand LaBrie’s situation. Cynda Rushton, a nurse ethicist at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, agreed with Elizabeth’s feelings and stated that she believed LaBrie was doing what she thought was best for her son. This tragic story reminds us of many ethical issues that arise from the advancement of medical technology? As parents, what are our rights to our children? Can we be forced to continue giving our child a treatment that we believe is harmful to his/her health? The ruling of this case seems to indicate the answer to the latter question is yes. There are many issues with no clear cut answers and all I can ask of my readers is awareness.


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