PCBs in Spokane River on the decline   Leave a comment

Samples of fish collected from 2003 to 2007 all over the Spokane River have significantly lower levels of PCBs than samples collected in the 1990s. Many attribute the decrease in PCB levels to improvements at industrial and municipal facilities over the last 10-15 years. Nevertheless, the PCB levels are still higher than most freshwater sources in Washington. Currently, its believed that PCB levels still need to decrease by 95% to be considered safe for human levels. Because of the harmful effects of PCBs, it is especially worrisome for consumers of freshwater fish. Yet again, there is one thing that’s certain: there is no short-term fix. The 95% reduction in PCBs does not seem to be realizable in the immediate future, but its good that people are working towards reducing PCB concentrations as much as possible.


Posted May 20, 2011 by lymphomactivist in Uncategorized

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