Tumors found on Fish?   Leave a comment

A recent fishing excursion in LA found a white croaker with a quarter-size tumor on it’s head. The fish was sent to lab to determine whether the  anomaly was caused by parasites, injury, or possible contamination from the world’s largest underwater deposit of the pesticide DDT off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The tumor on the fish is intriguing because it is unusual and because the fish is so intricately tied to local ocean pollution levels. White croakers in area waters often carry high pollutant concentrations due to large scale DDT contamination. Signs have been posted warning local fisherman not to consume white croaker and four other bottom dwelling fish.

This is an extremely important issue since those who regularly eat fish contaminated with DDT and PCBs face a buildup of those chemicals in their bodies, according to the Fish Contamination Education Collaborative. This can cause health problems such as cancer, liver disease and developmental delays. Children, seniors, and pregnant woman are most susceptible.

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