Genome Senquencing of Lymphomas Progressing   1 comment

This is very good news, it seems to me.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have completed the first genome-wide sequencing of peripheral T cell lymphomas, which will allow doctors to delve into this cancer of the immune system that account for 12% of all non-hodgkin’s lymphomas and are among the most deadly. Fewer than 35 percent of patients live five years beyond diagnosis. Andrew Feldman was the lead investigator and said of the breakthrough:

“Every time I diagnose a peripheral T-cell lymphoma, I know that two out of three patients will succumb to that lymphoma,” says Dr. Feldman. “That’s a very unsatisfying feeling, and I hope that our research can help change those statistics.”

How little, in fact, doctors understand about this type of cancer is summed up in the name of the most-common form of the disease:

“The most common type of T-cell lymphoma is called ‘not otherwise specified.’ It’s basically a wastebasket diagnosis because we don’t understand enough about the specific genetic abnormalities to be able to pinpoint subtypes of T-cell lymphomas that might trigger different treatments by the treating oncologist,” says Dr. Feldman.

Let’s hope his work will lead to better days ahead.


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