Researchers Discover Cause of a Type of NHL   Leave a comment

This is very good news. After all, you can’t find a cure for a disease until you know what causes it, can you? Dr. Sandrine Sander and Professor Klaus Rajewsky in Berlin have figured out the cause of Burkitt Lymphoma, an extremely fast growing form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

According to Dr. Sandrine Sander and Professor Klaus Rajewsky, Burkitt lymphoma originates from germinal centers of the lymphoid organs (Peyer’s patches in the small intestine, spleen and lymph nodes). The reaction by the germinal center is triggered by the B cells when antigens are detected. Once the reaction occurs, the B cells alter their DNA causing a highly specific antibody response against the antigen.

The B cell receptor (BCR) plays a vital role in the reaction process. In order to fully recognize the antigen and trigger an appropriate immune response, the DNA segments encoding the antibody must be altered and rearranged. During this complicated process, DNA breaks may occur and error-prone repair mechanisms may result in genetic mutations linked with cancer development.

Very well done. Which means that now they can get started on finding a cure for it. Let’s hope that they do.


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