PCBs in classrooms (continued)   Leave a comment

A few days ago, I brought up the issue of PCB contamination in a large number of public schools in New York. I followed this story over the next few days and have learned that officials are planning on taking roughly 10 years to replace the lighting fixtures in the public schools. For obvious reasons, this is entirely unacceptable! A timeline of 10 years means that some of the children in New York public schools will have to spend most of their school years breathing contaminated air. As a high school teacher myself, I know there are already enough obstacles children in public schools have to surpass. The last thing any child needs is to be breathing in toxins while trying to obtain a decent education from a system that’s understaffed and overworked. We need to at least give the children a fighting chance.


Posted March 4, 2011 by lymphomactivist in Uncategorized

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